Possum Room

Possum Room – 0-2 yrs

The Possum room caters for babies 6 weeks old up to 2 yrs with a separate baby area for the younger ones to explore in a safe enclosed surrounding. Two separate cot areas allow for flexibility in sleeping times and routines. While having our very own outside area means the young ones are able to explore and engage in play at their own pace and stage of play in a safe environment.

In the Possum room we cater for all children’s needs and development and work with families to provide the best care for their child. This means we are willing and able to follow children’s individual routines and in conjunction with families we develop a routine that mirrors their home life and the child’s individual needs.

In the Possum room we focus on those all important milestones that children achieve in the first 2 years of life – rolling over, grabbing objects, sitting up, crawling, walking, running, climbing and communicating. Children are given plenty of opportunities through play and exploration to practice, work towards and achieve these milestone moments. Children are encouraged and supported to develop skills such as using a spoon and cup, beginning interest in toilet training, transitioning from a highchair to child size chair and cot to mattress, developing words and sounds and using gestures.

Children engage in a range of activities and experiences with guidance, support and interaction from educators to allow growth

in development and hands on learning. In the Possum room children are given lots of opportunities to engage in sensory play and explore in as many ways as they like to. We especially love water, playdough, slime, pasta, painting and all kids of messy things!

We work with the children towards our broad goals…

  1. Interact with others learning empathy, respect and care
  2. Develop a settled pattern for their own routine
  3. Be open to new challenges and discoveries
  4. Feel safe, secure and supported in the environment
  5. Broaden their understanding of their world through play opportunities
  6. Exploring and manipulating objects to find interesting and predictable resultsDevelop social skills and engage in meaningful learning relationships
  7. Engage in increasingly complex sensory motor skills eg. crawling, walking, running, climbing, grabbing, holding
  8. Develop and show emotions
  9. Engage with educators and form bonds
  10. Develop the ability to imitate others
  11. Learn through sensory play
  12. Persist and learn new skills through play and individual development eg. grasping, sitting, crawling
  13. Explore and show curiosity in their environment
  14. Problem solve, experiment and investigate activities
  15. Make sounds, noises and form words from  their language
  16. Use verbal and non-verbal communication
  17. Engage in conversations, songs and non verbal gestures with educators
  18. Name objects and use 2 word sentences

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