Koala Room

Koala Room – 4-5 yrs

The Koala room is our Preschool Room which caters for children aged 4-5years and has a strong focus on assisting children become confident and involved learners in their world. Our Preschool Program follows the Emergent Curriculum ethos which uses the interests and ideas expressed through children, families and the community to inspire and direct learning and teaching opportunities.  Furthermore, with the foundation of specific broad goals reflective of the Early Years Framework and developmental milestones, our Program ensures that each individual child is afforded to the opportunity to learn and connect with the world around them in a way that fosters their identity and self -esteem, whist assisting their social, emotional and physical wellbeing and development. This holistic approach to programming and planning guarantees that the current interests and needs of the children are paramount to the program foundation.

The Koala Room has a strong focus on school readiness and preparation. Our school readiness program provides many opportunities for children to experience academic skills in a fun, hands-on learning environment. The children are engaged in these experiences throughout each day giving them the opportunity to develop skills at their own pace and extending their strengths and interest through a supportive environment.

Koala Room Goals…

  1. Communicate and collaborate with others
  2. Listen to, reflect, compare and extend on the ideas of others
  3. Relate and communicate positively to others and recognise the feelings of others
  4. Accept responsibility for own actions and belongings
  5. Develop confidence and self esteem
  6. Practice self-help skills and develop their emerging autonomy
  7. Appreciate and explore diversity of cultural perspectives
  8. Identify, recognise and discuss the different roles of people within our community
  9. Communicate own family and cultural values, attitudes and respect those of others
  10. Develop respect for peers and needs of others
  11. Demonstrate trust and confidence
  12. Develop sense of belonging, connectedness and wellbeing
  13. Be responsible for their own learning environments and learn through making choices
  14. Develop understanding of health, nutrition, personal hygiene practices and self-help skills
  15. Develop fine and gross motor skills through active participation and variety of skill based experiences
  16. Participate in experiences that extend and develop non-loco motor and locomotor skills
  17. Unleash their inquisitive mind through cooperation, creativity, persistence, experimentation and imaginative engagement
  18. Extend own learning through connecting with people, places, technologies and a variety of materials IMG_5997both natural and man-made
  19. Develop problem solving skills through trial and error, cause and effect and enquiry
  20. Develop skills to communicate wants, needs and ideas in a positive way using verbal and non-verbal methods
  21. Communicate and collaborate to establish roles, rules and relationships within the social setting
  22. Interact and engage with a range of texts through printed, visual and multimedia texts
  23. Engages in creative experiences such as drawing, painting, dancing to explore ideas and develop understandings of the world around us
  24. Interact and engage with a variety of technologies to extend learning and understandings

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