Centre Philosophy


Our Aim:

To provide the children and families of our community, the highest quality care and education in a hands-on, supportive, safe and caring environment.

Our Philosophy:

  • We believe all children are unique individuals that require a supportive and caring environment to grow, learn and develop to their highest potentials. We aim to create a home like environment that incorporates children’s home experiences into our program.
  • We believe children come from diverse family environments and we will respect and support children and their families.
  • We believe families and Educators need to work together in partnership to provide the highest level of care and education for every child. Educators and parents will monitor children’s development and support each child’s individual developmental achievements.
  • Children will be respected and given equal opportunities whilst in our care.
  • We believe Educators are responsible for the safety and well being of every child at our centre.
  • We believe children share their unique interests, strengths and needs, and these will be used as the basis for our emerging curriculum. All children will be given open opportunities to learn, explore, try, connect and investigate with hands on play and supported learning opportunities.
  • We will create open communication, which will allow families, children and educators to feel comfortable discussing their needs.
  • We believe children feel secure within a structured routine. During our daily routine we will support children’s learning and self confidence through our interactions.
  • We believe Educators should be supported to undertake regular staff training and development to stay up to date with current Early Childhood practices.
  • We believe parents and the wider community should be encouraged and given opportunities to share in and extend the children’s programs.
  • Management and Educators will develop a positive staff team where all staff feel valued and accepted in their workplace.

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